Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote in sn_uk,
Morgan Briarwood

Wincon UK 2010

Guys, apologies for the long silence but I've had very little free time until now. My non-fannish commitments are mostly done with now, and I can concentrate on arranging our con.

The preferences on location were evenly split between Cardiff and Milton Keynes. Cardiff would be a lot easier for me, but I'm aware it's further to travel for many of you.

Milton Keynes is still an option. However, I've found a fantastic hotel which can host our con for around £50 per person - that's for the full weekend and includes lunch both days, as well as refreshments and room/equipment hire etc. (and would include the usual goodies, con zine and suchlike). It doesn't include overnight accommodation, but the hotel is in easy walking distance of two Travelodges, for those who like to go cheap and cheerful, and the hotel itself is reasonably priced (I may be able to get us a discount on rooms there, too, if enough people are coming). I can recommend alternatives within walking distance too - that's the advantage of doing this on my home turf, as it were.

I can also arrange a special event on the Friday for anyone who's interested in a certain other show that's filmed around Cardiff Bay. And if anyone wants to stay for Sunday night, there's a gay bar near the hotel I have in mind that does a fab karaoke night on Sundays :) [Have I convinced you Cardiff rocks yet?]

Anyhow...the important question at this point is when.

My top choice would be Halloween weekend...but I'm aware that clashes with Asylum 5, if anyone's going to that. Failing that, I've given the weekends I'm free in the poll below. Please tick all the dates that would work for you. If you have a preference, or a better suggestion, let me know in a comment.

Poll #1550263 Weekend Dates

Which dates would you be available for WinconUK 2010?

31July/1st August
7-8 August
14-15 August
21-22 August
25-26 September
2-3 October
9-10 October
30-31 October (Halloween)
Some other date
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