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Consequences Fic 2 - Multi Fandom Chaos

DCI Gene Hunt looked at the suspect before him. “You fucking faggot,” he hissed.”I bet you'd like me to take you up the shitter right now.”

Meanwhile back at the ranch (where the Lone Ranger was polishing Silver), Tim screamed “God, Tony, fuck me harder.”

Jensen pulled out his cock and complained about the size of Jared's PADACOCK!

Meanwhile in Camden Market, Noel Fielding caught sight of his own reflection in an antique mirror and started to hump it through his incredibly tight drainpipes.

The drainpipes were tight against his thighs. He held his breath and looked back for Jim. He knew things were not easy but that was the problem with lime flavoured ice creams.

Richard Dean Anderson surveyed the room, the source of cream looked tasty, but he, Richard Dean Anderson, thought the cream wasn't quite up to his standard.

Gene Hunt swung his fist into his face. “You want cock sonny, I'll give you fucking cock!” and so saying he unzipped his trousers and produced what could only be described as a mammoth erection.

“Jesus Christ, Probie, fucking love being in your ass.” Tony babbled, fucking Tim so hard that he nearly screamed.

“OMG”, shouted Jensen because his cock was too big.

Back in Camden, Dionysus sauntered out of the pub and caught sight of Noel Fielding still humping the mirror emphatically. Dionysus stopped the hoards of drunken Maeiads around him and sped over to Noel, grabbed him by the skinny jeans and dragged him off to an orgy.

He held him tight against his withers. There were many people ... creatures he knew but he didn't care. This was someone he wanted to take dare with. He undid the tube blessing the millennium as he felt the coolness of the liquid on his fingers.

He thought about the hole, the gate of worm, Porny McPornmack would just be jealous.

“Fucking is overrated,” said Gene and promptly came, his cum arcing in a white hot fountain over the nearest desk.

“Now is not the time for your twisted fantasies about us fucking at work, Tony.” Tim gasped out as Tony reached round and started stroking his cock.

And then Jared pulled out his cock and waved it at Robin's face then shouted “OMG where is all the WINCEST?”

And God looked on what he had created and saw that it was good. That was the crackiest day.
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