amelia cavendish (yami_tai) wrote in sn_uk,
amelia cavendish


I'm very tardy with this, sorry!

Name: Em

Age: 34

I hail from: Currently, Reading.

Stance on slash, Wincest, RPS: I love it all.

What I do with myself: Sadly, it's not manage a MotoGP team *g*!

Other fandoms: RL doesn't let me have the time to be active in any fandoms at the moment but if I suddenly had a spare hour to kill and was all caught up with my f-list, then I'd read fic from The Professionals, Torchwood, Due South, Doctor Who, Stargate or, of course, SPN.

Anything else, random facts, likes or dislikes: I adore manga & anime, and was a yaoi fangirl before I found out about slash. It's castalie's fault that I'm being dragged out of my hermit cave for this but I'm really looking forward to meeting you all ^_^!
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