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*insert 'Jaws' music here*


Learn the name, if you are bad, you will be seeing it often.

So WinconUK 2.0 is fast approaching and I am calling upon all of you to contribute something.

You will all be getting a personal message from me in the very near future explaining exactly what I'm after and how you can give it to me (and there maybe some stuff about Wincon as well).

We're not asking for much...all we're saying is if you don't respond and participate then you will be hit, quite hard, if you end up complaining that the Con booklet contains nothing but a drabble about sherbert lemons, a picture of a cats butt and a diagram of the inner workings of an earthworm. Or complaining that Impala Awards were biased in favour of Bobby, the entertainment was dull and frankly your £30 could have been better spent on a bottle of Thunderbird, a bag of chips and a quickie round the back of the bookies with that very young-looking rent boy that wears particularly tight trousers.

Actually now that I think about it - can I get a refund?

Anyway when you get the message please be nice and reply. I'm not asking for much and even if you are only able to contribute the absolute most basic thing I am asking for, then you're still made of win.

Now if I have your attention I'm going remind you of a few things.

Firstly - go HERE and please please find the time to tell us some of your favourite moments in Season 2. Otherwise I guarantee you'll find something to complain about in the next week or so when the nominations come up for the final voting.

And secondly - krazykipper has already mentioned the open mic session. We already have two confirmed presentations. If you would like to present a panel please let Krazy know soon as possible so we can work out a proper time schedule and prevent me from doing a three hour skit on the Zombie peril.

Thank you for go keep an eye on your inboxes.
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