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Morgan Briarwood

WinConUK 2010

Hey, guys!

Please allow me to introduce myself... [pause while y'all groan at the bad joke] ...if you don't have me friended, you won't recognise my new username: I'm the artist formerly known as morgan32. I was at WinConUK in 2008, read some fic and talked about orgasmic Marmite. Remember me now?

Cool. krazykipper and I have been talking and we think it's about time we started planning for another WinConUK. It's likely too late to fit one in for 2009, but we are going to start work now on organising WinConUK 2010.

So far we have no date, no venue and, well, no anything. But lots of enthusiasm and plenty of exciting plans!

WinConUK is a fan gathering, not a convention with celebrity guests. For a small fee you get to spend two days in a room with a lot of other fangirls and celebrate our love for Supernatural in all its gorgeous and twisted glory. The con is slash-friendly, but not slash-compulsory.

The weekend includes:

  • A souvenier con booklet with fic, art, and other fun stuff.

  • A special "goodie bag" for every attendee.

  • Contests and Quizzes
    I don't know what, yet, but will come up with something fun!

  • Panel discussions
    Panel topics to be chosen by all.

  • The Impala Awards
    Our very own SPN-specific oscars, voted for by the con attendees. This is the category list from the last WinConUK but I suspect we'll want to change that list now.

  • Episodes
    What would a con be without showing an episode or two?

  • Vids

  • Fic readings

  • Pizza night!*

...and general squee about our show.

* The ticket price includes all of the above except pizza night, which you'll probably have to pay for on the night.

What I need from you now:

Please comment and let me know if you'd be interested in attending a WinConUK next year!

Timing: If you have any preference as to when we have the con, comment and say. We will obviously avoid clashing with Asylum and Asylum Europe. Beyond that, the calendar is open. I will say that February/March will be difficult for me, but not impossible.

Location, location: so far the plan is to look at the same venue as WinConUK '08: Milton Keynes. The alternative is somewhere in Cardiff, which may be fun for fans of a certain other show that's filmed in Cardiff Bay. But that venue would be more expensive. If you have an opinion, or a better idea, speak up!

Please pimp this post far and wide!
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