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Consequences Fic 4 - The Winchester Brothers and their Amazing Toys of Pleasure

Dean grinned at Sam. “You sure got a purdy mouth, boy” he said as he shoved his cock between Sam's lips.

“I wan to fuck your mouth,” Sam gasped, “but at the same time I want to fuck you with this dildo.”

Then Sam shoved the dildo into Dean's butt before taking it out and celebrating new year with their light sabers.

Dean moaned like a wookie in heat and demanded Sam's cock in every orifice.

It was tight and hard and he didn't know how he could deal with it. He loved Star Wars but light sabers were another matter. Not only were they bright but they were firm and ... they vibrated like an egg up his butt, white with a thick yolk inside. He sighed. He wanted a jelly baby.

“In, out, in, out, shake it all about. Do the hokey cokey – oh god Dean, it fucking stings!”

Sam picked up the vibrating butt plug and grinned at Dean. “Open wide,” he said.

Dean grinned, licking his lips and holding back a groan. The Rude Boy vibrated against his prostrate with renewed vigour and he fell to his knees in ecstasy.

It felt so good under him, holding him to the bed. They were silver and heavy, dark with old sweat. He held firm waiting ...

for the 7.18. Dean keened and writhed about, seeking any sort of friction.

“Can I take my cock ring off now Dean?” asked Sam.

“Well,” Dean smirked. “Once you try this double headed vibrator you'll never go back.”

Sam rammed the butt plug up Dean's ass and did a CRAZY DANCE.

“Yeah, baby,” said Dean. “Rock that rhythmic shit.” And Sam smiled a knowing smile and boogied on down all the way to Orgasm Central, the shop where EVERYONE gets off.
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