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Consequences Fic 3 - CW and Friends

Tom fisted his cock slowly and stared hard at Jared, who watched him hungrily.

Licking his lips Jared fell to his knees, unbuttoning Jensen's cock and licking a stripe up to the head.

Tom Welling looked down at his crotch a sad smile playing across his face, a vacant look in his azure eyes. “Give me another minute,” he asked like a helpless puppy, asking for a bone. Ironically.

Jensen looked at Chad and decided he couldn't possibly have sex with such a douche. “Jared,” he called ...

“Jeff,” he called. Once again he realised it wasn't working so he knew that the feckless dick led male wasn't there. But he thought about the shoulders, sweat dripping down over the rippling arms and then hiccups started and what did he do?

Chris Kane unpackaged his My Little Pony and sat it down next to Steve's dick. “It's taller,” he exclaimed.

The sweet music of glee floated through the room.

Jared licked his finger and slowly inserted it into Jensen's ass. “God, you're as tight as Rosenbaum,” he said.

Once they had all taken their cocks out, they started to stroke. Jensen licking his finger and moaning as he fingered Jared's cock.

“Jesus Christ!” Jared moaned.

“I don't want to be hearing about your ex's right now, Jared.” said Christian who was sat in the corner, a vibrating butt plug up his arse, fisting his cock with enthusiasm.

Jared was so glad his partner had enjoyed the experience so much.

Much, such an evocative word but at the moment it told him how much Jeff's dick filled his hand, the pre-come coating his fingers.

Tom licked his lips and eyed Jared's cock. “Mind if I suck that?”

Jared looked at his mouth with the professional air of a chartered surveyor. “I don't think it's going to fit in there.”

Chad palmed his dick and groaned as he watched the sight before him.

He knew it was thick and not quite vanilla but what could he say. He grasped the throbbing todger in front of him and sighed.

Chad felt up Jensen's full member and thought of that time Jared danced in a tutu.

Vicar in a tutu; indeed, such harsh costumes for the ecumenical one in us all.

Tom eyed Jared's cock and said "I'd sure like that in my ass."

Jared grinned at Jensen and went back to licking Jensen's cock as Chris stroked Steve's cock, biting his lip.

Jared held Jensen's mermaid tail against his and thought of J....a as he jacked his VERY big cock.
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