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Consequences Fic 1 - Jesus and Jared

My immense apologies for not posting these earlier. Also I have no idea how to do more than one LJ cut in a post so these will be posted separately. Hope this is okay.

As the people who went to this year's Wincon will know some of us, mentioning no names, had a few drinks on the Saturday night and decided to play our very own porn fiction version of Consequences.

I would also note that as we got more drunk the writing got worse and some of the fics became quite hard to decipher *grins*

It also goes without saying that all of these are NC17.

These are the results, in no particular order:-

It was a dark and stormy night in Milton Keynes.

Jared's cock came to life like an old friend waving hello.

Meanwhile, Chad Michael Murray was being a douche.

The plastic bag tightened around the daffodils and he took a deep breath, taking in the pink sparkling sex pollen.

Dancing amongst the flowers they were surprised to come across a giant squid attempting to cram itself into the birdbath.

Jared looked sadly at the bird bath. “Is that my spunk in there?” he asked.

Missing the question due to a shiny nickel rolling along the floor, Jared blinked and looked back at him. “Sorry, what?”

What indeed could be causing this situation asked the poor stranded observers? “Now I'm going to do some research on wikipedia,” said Chad Michael Murray.

The zombie sex tape was on sale for £5.99. GOD was ecstatic.

Jesus was sat in his room reading porn and listening to the weather report at the time.

Time revolves and he sits, watches the different shades of purple and blue. He knows that his father would not approve but he doesn't care. When is is alive again he will use his dick in a mighty way!

He was becoming increasingly worried out his partner's obsession with herrings.

“Herrings?” asked Jared. “Are they pickled?”

Luckily ...

Of course there was always room for more alcohol in their opinion, but the barman had other ideas and soon they were chucked out.

And in the chucking out the little creature gained a rather large scar in the shape of a cock.
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