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WINCONUK 2.0 - We saw, we conquered, we came in the birdbath

Another Wincon is over and passes forever into the anals annals of history.

This isn't a recap post of the weekend, this is a thank you and apology post in one.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who came and helped make it a porny success. It's true that you do get to meet the nicest people in fandom.

I know I mentioned it a few (hundred) times during the weekend but can I ask you all to just once more show your love for krazykipper, who did all the legwork, pulled all this together and made all the lunches and organised the whole damn event so that we could get together and have an awesome time. Without her there would have been no Wincon this year.

This year was a steep learning curve and when you're learning, things rarely go smoothly. There were mistakes to apologise for (and none of those mistakes are Kip's), mostly the downtimes. The first Wincon was unstructured, this year we decided to change that. But we started late and things were made up on the hoof and so adjustments had to be made to the running order as we went. Never having done this before you don't know whether it's better to be slightly more disciplined in getting people to sit down and pay attention or let them sit and squee. No one likes harshing the squee. So yes, sometimes things got away from us. But it all serves to help me prepare for next year, and that means an actual timed programme, with proper breaks.

Sadly the projector failed us on the Sunday, probably due to technical inadequacies on my part, but I just couldn't get the damn thing to work. So that was a sad loss.

The feedback forms have proved priceless and, all being well, next year will see the third WinConUK - I hope you will all help spread the word, and I promise to get dates for you just as soon as I can.

So there you go, I hope we didn't fuck up too badly and that you'll forgive us where we did.

Finally we have a little leftover con goodness for all you attendees.

The caption contest. We had a few entries (and to be honest we're not sure who made the entries because we didn't get any names. Whoops!)...but what you didn't know at the time is that there are epic prizes to be won. So here's what I'm going to do. Sometime later today, I'm going to make another post. I'm going to post the two original pictures and a third (because there are three prizes) and then tell you what the prizes are to get your juices flowing. Comments will be screened and then there will be voting for the best captions in about a weeks time and this will also be done via screened comments. The prizes will then be posted to the three winners. See you can't say we're not good to you. Sadly the competition is only open to those who actually attended this weekend.

So please take a moment to stop here and leave your love for Kip and tell us we weren't quite as crap as we thought we were. And also for Kip's mum who made us sandwiches so we didn't have to survive the weekend on Haribo and popcorn, which we did previously!

I love you and miss you all like woah. My house feels all empty and slashless right now...
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