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Wincon UK 2010 [12 Apr 2010|04:59pm]

Guys, apologies for the long silence but I've had very little free time until now. My non-fannish commitments are mostly done with now, and I can concentrate on arranging our con.

The preferences on location were evenly split between Cardiff and Milton Keynes. Cardiff would be a lot easier for me, but I'm aware it's further to travel for many of you.

Milton Keynes is still an option. However, I've found a fantastic hotel which can host our con for around £50 per person - that's for the full weekend and includes lunch both days, as well as refreshments and room/equipment hire etc. (and would include the usual goodies, con zine and suchlike). It doesn't include overnight accommodation, but the hotel is in easy walking distance of two Travelodges, for those who like to go cheap and cheerful, and the hotel itself is reasonably priced (I may be able to get us a discount on rooms there, too, if enough people are coming). I can recommend alternatives within walking distance too - that's the advantage of doing this on my home turf, as it were.

I can also arrange a special event on the Friday for anyone who's interested in a certain other show that's filmed around Cardiff Bay. And if anyone wants to stay for Sunday night, there's a gay bar near the hotel I have in mind that does a fab karaoke night on Sundays :) [Have I convinced you Cardiff rocks yet?]

Anyhow...the important question at this point is when.

My top choice would be Halloween weekend...but I'm aware that clashes with Asylum 5, if anyone's going to that. Failing that, I've given the weekends I'm free in the poll below. Please tick all the dates that would work for you. If you have a preference, or a better suggestion, let me know in a comment.

Poll #1550263 Weekend Dates

Which dates would you be available for WinconUK 2010?

31July/1st August
7-8 August
14-15 August
21-22 August
25-26 September
2-3 October
9-10 October
30-31 October (Halloween)
Some other date
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[15 Jul 2009|09:22pm]


Hey, new member here. I'm lasvegas_lights, but most people call me isis. I decided to join because i've just finished uni which means i'm stuck at home  while I find a job and my whole family is driving me crazy. I was hoping I could find some spn fans in the area that wanted to meet up, do some fangirling, sharing pictures and art etc and just having a good time away from the nagging parents. I'm in Ware, Hertfordshire if anyone is close! my email is isis_sg1@yahoo.com
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WinConUK 2010 [15 Jul 2009|11:46am]

Hey, guys!

Please allow me to introduce myself... [pause while y'all groan at the bad joke] ...if you don't have me friended, you won't recognise my new username: I'm the artist formerly known as morgan32. I was at WinConUK in 2008, read some fic and talked about orgasmic Marmite. Remember me now?

Cool. krazykipper and I have been talking and we think it's about time we started planning for another WinConUK. It's likely too late to fit one in for 2009, but we are going to start work now on organising WinConUK 2010.

So far we have no date, no venue and, well, no anything. But lots of enthusiasm and plenty of exciting plans!

WinConUK is a fan gathering, not a convention with celebrity guests. For a small fee you get to spend two days in a room with a lot of other fangirls and celebrate our love for Supernatural in all its gorgeous and twisted glory. The con is slash-friendly, but not slash-compulsory.

The weekend includes:

Supernaturally fun details behind the cut!Collapse )

Please pimp this post far and wide!
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UK vidding convention [30 Aug 2008|11:01pm]

I thought you may interested in this:

It's multifandom, not just SPN, but it's the first dedicated vidding convention in the UK, for vidders and vids-lovers :)
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SPN Postcards :) [22 Aug 2008|12:31pm]

Just a reminder that we're still sending postcards to the SPN studios in Vancouver, the more the merrier!
All info about this (very successful!)project here:

crossposted everywhere, yup
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TIH screening UK [29 Jun 2008|05:14pm]

I haven't seen it posted here (although it's in a lot of other places, so feel free to delete if you think it's spam, or not allowed).  Cassie Baker is arranging a Ten Inch Hero screening in London, Sept 6th, around midday, so email her if you'd like a ticket.  She needs as many people as possible, obviously!  Her email address is tihscreening at googlemail.com. 
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ASYLUM 2008 [30 Apr 2008|08:05pm]


Right, I'm awful at remembering these thing, but I do know a good few who went to Wincon are going to be at Asylum next weekend, (but I also know a few who aren't *cries*) and I was wondering if anyone fancied a meet-up, maybe on Friday afternoon/evening depending on what is best for everyone, anyone interested?

And then maybe bring along anyone who didn't come to Wincon and stuff who your there with, so we can all meet each other?
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Consequences Fic 5 - Cheesy Cock and the Quivering Mullet! [23 Mar 2008|08:11pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Cheesy Cock and the Quivering Mullet!Collapse )

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Consequences Fic 4 - The Winchester Brothers and their Amazing Toys of Pleasure [23 Mar 2008|08:08pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Winchester Brothers and their Amazing Toys of PleasureCollapse )

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Consequences Fic 3 - CW and Friends [23 Mar 2008|08:07pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

CW and FriendsCollapse )

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Consequences Fic 2 - Multi Fandom Chaos [23 Mar 2008|08:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Multi Fandom ChaosCollapse )

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Consequences Fic 1 - Jesus and Jared [23 Mar 2008|07:58pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My immense apologies for not posting these earlier. Also I have no idea how to do more than one LJ cut in a post so these will be posted separately. Hope this is okay.

As the people who went to this year's Wincon will know some of us, mentioning no names, had a few drinks on the Saturday night and decided to play our very own porn fiction version of Consequences.

I would also note that as we got more drunk the writing got worse and some of the fics became quite hard to decipher *grins*

It also goes without saying that all of these are NC17.

These are the results, in no particular order:-

Jesus and JaredCollapse )

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Links: Connotations and No Stairway Anthology [11 Mar 2008|11:55pm]

Caught in a RL's whirlwind, so a proper report will have to wait a few more days, but in the meantime...these are the links to the Connotations convention in Newcastle:

Connotations is a multimedia, multi-fandom slash con that's running October 2008 at the Park Hotel, Tynemouth from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October 2008...



I hope to see many if not all of you there in October! :D


And something I forgot to tell you all about at the con (because brain=scattered):


The No Stairway Anthology is open for submissions through March 31st, 2008, for the inaugural issue. The Anthology is open to both new and previously published Supernatural, Supernatural AU, and Supernatural RP fanfiction.

To submit your work for consideration, please read the submission guidelines. A template is provided for your convenience.

All submissions should be sent via email attachment to admin AT nostairway DOT org

The screening and reviewing process are blind (I'm a reviewer), please do consider submitting your stories, and feel free to spread the word around :)

I am so looking forward to Swindon!!! :D
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WINCONUK 2.0 - We saw, we conquered, we came in the birdbath [10 Mar 2008|01:22pm]

Another Wincon is over and passes forever into the anals annals of history.

This isn't a recap post of the weekend, this is a thank you and apology post in one.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who came and helped make it a porny success. It's true that you do get to meet the nicest people in fandom.

I know I mentioned it a few (hundred) times during the weekend but can I ask you all to just once more show your love for krazykipper, who did all the legwork, pulled all this together and made all the lunches and organised the whole damn event so that we could get together and have an awesome time. Without her there would have been no Wincon this year.

This year was a steep learning curve and when you're learning, things rarely go smoothly. There were mistakes to apologise for (and none of those mistakes are Kip's), mostly the downtimes. The first Wincon was unstructured, this year we decided to change that. But we started late and things were made up on the hoof and so adjustments had to be made to the running order as we went. Never having done this before you don't know whether it's better to be slightly more disciplined in getting people to sit down and pay attention or let them sit and squee. No one likes harshing the squee. So yes, sometimes things got away from us. But it all serves to help me prepare for next year, and that means an actual timed programme, with proper breaks.

Sadly the projector failed us on the Sunday, probably due to technical inadequacies on my part, but I just couldn't get the damn thing to work. So that was a sad loss.

The feedback forms have proved priceless and, all being well, next year will see the third WinConUK - I hope you will all help spread the word, and I promise to get dates for you just as soon as I can.

So there you go, I hope we didn't fuck up too badly and that you'll forgive us where we did.

Finally we have a little leftover con goodness for all you attendees.

The caption contest. We had a few entries (and to be honest we're not sure who made the entries because we didn't get any names. Whoops!)...but what you didn't know at the time is that there are epic prizes to be won. So here's what I'm going to do. Sometime later today, I'm going to make another post. I'm going to post the two original pictures and a third (because there are three prizes) and then tell you what the prizes are to get your juices flowing. Comments will be screened and then there will be voting for the best captions in about a weeks time and this will also be done via screened comments. The prizes will then be posted to the three winners. See you can't say we're not good to you. Sadly the competition is only open to those who actually attended this weekend.

So please take a moment to stop here and leave your love for Kip and tell us we weren't quite as crap as we thought we were. And also for Kip's mum who made us sandwiches so we didn't have to survive the weekend on Haribo and popcorn, which we did previously!

I love you and miss you all like woah. My house feels all empty and slashless right now...
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Right chaps, your attention please - here are the nominations for The 2nd Annual Impala Awards. Please only vote once in each catagory and once you have voted please do not come back to see who wins. The winners will be announced at Wincon.

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Intro... [10 Feb 2008|08:23pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm very tardy with this, sorry!

Name: Em

Age: 34

I hail from: Currently, Reading.

Stance on slash, Wincest, RPS: I love it all.

What I do with myself: Sadly, it's not manage a MotoGP team *g*!

Other fandoms: RL doesn't let me have the time to be active in any fandoms at the moment but if I suddenly had a spare hour to kill and was all caught up with my f-list, then I'd read fic from The Professionals, Torchwood, Due South, Doctor Who, Stargate or, of course, SPN.

Anything else, random facts, likes or dislikes: I adore manga & anime, and was a yaoi fangirl before I found out about slash. It's castalie's fault that I'm being dragged out of my hermit cave for this but I'm really looking forward to meeting you all ^_^!

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[07 Feb 2008|11:34pm]

Hi everybody! I'm a bit of a latecomer, but am SO excited about this, so.

Name: Jo, mostly.

Age: 23

I hail from: Hertfordshire right now, but I'm originally from a small island off the west coast of Scotland.

Stance on slash, Wincest, RPS: SQUEE. I've been writing slash for about 8 years, and Wincest and RPS are definitely favourites.

What I do with myself: Read, write, play piano, take care of a seriously hyperactive bunny rabbit. I also work for an international organisation in their publishing department. SO much fun, even if it does have me flailing quite a bit.

Other fandoms: Uh, hmm. I write/read in HP (although not so much any more), SPN, CW RPS, NCIS, House, and Dark Angel. I also love the shows CSI (original), Bones, Buffy, Angel, Blackadder and The X Files.

Anything else, random facts, likes or dislikes: I practically mainline caffeine. I'm only claustrophobic in lifts. I really don't like leeks. And this is the first time I've met up with fangirls, so I'm hugely excited!!
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COMING SOON TO AN INBOX NEAR YOU... [28 Jan 2008|04:25pm]

*insert 'Jaws' music here*


Learn the name, if you are bad, you will be seeing it often.

So WinconUK 2.0 is fast approaching and I am calling upon all of you to contribute something.

You will all be getting a personal message from me in the very near future explaining exactly what I'm after and how you can give it to me (and there maybe some stuff about Wincon as well).

We're not asking for much...all we're saying is if you don't respond and participate then you will be hit, quite hard, if you end up complaining that the Con booklet contains nothing but a drabble about sherbert lemons, a picture of a cats butt and a diagram of the inner workings of an earthworm. Or complaining that Impala Awards were biased in favour of Bobby, the entertainment was dull and frankly your £30 could have been better spent on a bottle of Thunderbird, a bag of chips and a quickie round the back of the bookies with that very young-looking rent boy that wears particularly tight trousers.

Actually now that I think about it - can I get a refund?

Anyway when you get the message please be nice and reply. I'm not asking for much and even if you are only able to contribute the absolute most basic thing I am asking for, then you're still made of win.

Now if I have your attention I'm going remind you of a few things.

Firstly - go HERE and please please find the time to tell us some of your favourite moments in Season 2. Otherwise I guarantee you'll find something to complain about in the next week or so when the nominations come up for the final voting.

And secondly - krazykipper has already mentioned the open mic session. We already have two confirmed presentations. If you would like to present a panel please let Krazy know soon as possible so we can work out a proper time schedule and prevent me from doing a three hour skit on the Zombie peril.

Thank you for reading...now go keep an eye on your inboxes.
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Intro post [11 Jan 2008|07:55am]

I just realised I haven't done the intro thing. So...

Name: My real name is Carolyne but most of my fandom friends just call me Morgan. I'll answer to both.

Age: 35

I hail from: Born in Oxford; family is mostly Irish via London; I live in South Wales. I tend to identify as Welsh: no sheep jokes, please. I've heard 'em all.

Stance on slash, Wincest, RPS: Honey, I was writing slash before I even had a clue it was called that or that anyone else did. Wincest - bring it on! But I love het, femslash and gen, too. To be honest, I have issues with RPF but I try to keep them to myself.

What I do with myself: I write. Pretty much obsessively. If I could get paid to do that I'd be happy as a pig in mud, but since no one will pay me to slash I'm a government statistical analyst. No really. Not the anti-christ, it just sounds that way.

Other fandoms: Where do I start? My first real fandom was Robin of Sherwood when I was still in school and thought my friend and I invented fanfic (well, we did. We just weren't the first to do it). I sort of lurked around Usenet when Babylon 5 and X-Files were young but my real discovery of online fandom came with Hercules and Xena. The midnight slashers party at the HTLJ Syposium will stay with me forever...even though I was too drunk to remember most of it.

Since then...Um. I found a home with Stargate SG-1 until the fandom clique wars imploded and I got the hell out of the schoolyard; Highlander was my safe-and-sane refuge from the craziness of SG1 fandom and where I discovered that meta can be fun, too; I was pressured into watching Sentinel by a fellow SG fan long after the show was cancelled - loved the show, so don't get most of the fanfic so I just write my own; I loved Stargate: Atlantis for two seasons but can't stand the fandom; I adore everything Joss Whedon but I'm just a lurker there; and then Supernatural made me fall in love in a way I haven't since Hercules broke my heart.

Anything else, random facts, likes or dislikes: I'm gay. Just so you know.
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intro post [05 Jan 2008|07:03pm]

Name: phantomas on LJ, Silvia in RL. Both work.

Age: I'm pretty sure I'll be the oldest. Still have all my teeth, though ;)

I hail from:  Originally, Italy, Rome. I moved to the UK seven years ago, and live in Norwich.

Stance on slash, Wincest, RPS: basically, anything goes :)

What I do with myself: Not as much as I should. I'm supposed to be finishing a PhD thesis. I want to get back to painting full time. I'm looking for a part time job. I want to write more. And learn Russian. And play the sax again (started studying, ages ago).

Other fandoms: Been around for a while. I started in Highlander, stuck with The Professionals for several years, then LJ and rp writing happened, and they opened me up to all sorts: HP, LotR, Eroica, M7, Roswell, Firefly/Serenity, Harsh Realm, Wolf Lake, etc etc. Supernatural is my big fandom atm, although it's more a "John Winchester and the boys" thing than just Sam & Dean. I'm a die hard D.B. Sweeney, Nick Lea, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean fan. Jason Behr and Brendan Frehr are cute. Been watching Burn Notice, Kyle XY, Life and The Unit, and Dexter.
Uhm, yes, I watch lots of stuff. :)

Anything else, random facts, likes or dislikes: Eek. Erm. Uhm. I'm cheerful and friendly and love listening to people? I'm curious about most things, I dislike stupidity and I like discussing things. I have two cats! Very much looking forward to meet you all :)
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